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A family-owned and -operated business since 1954, A&M Garden Centre is now in its third generation serving the London community. The initials A&M in our business name stand for Adeline and Marcel Vandemaele, our grandparents. Present owner/daughter Jean Glover and manager/granddaughter Janine Glover have horticultural diplomas from the University of Guelph. Together with their staff, they are experienced and dedicated to meeting customers’ individual needs.

Personalized Service from a Local Grower

Whether you’re looking to buy plants for your garden or looking to have your yard completely redone, you’re guaranteed exceptional service at A&M. We’re large enough to offer you a full line of garden and landscaping supplies, but remain small enough to offer the personalized service you’ve come to expect over the years. From fresh-cut sod and seed to trees and shrubs, we have everything you’re looking for.

One of Canada’s Oldest Sod Farms

Offering a full line of garden and landscaping supplies, A & M Garden Centre is one of the oldest sod farms in Canada. Featuring up to 600 acres dedicated to sod cultivation per growing year, we offer sod/landscape/tree planting services to home owners. Offering planting, delivery and landscaping services, contact us today to discover how a new sod lawn can significantly increase your property’s overall value.

We proudly offer the following services for our diverse clientele:

  •  Seeds – trees, shrubs, box plants, water plants, etc.
  •  Delivering, planting & landscaping trees
  •  Bagged manure, soils, mulches & peat moss

For large sod projects and deliveries please visit: